Please read the following information carefully!


  • Spring Showcase is at Carl Schurz High School on Sunday, June 23

    • 11:00am - Chase Park

    • 2:30pm - Jesse White Community Center and Red Cloud Studio

  • All tech rehearsals are at Carl Schurz High School

    • Please reference your Welcome email for your tech time and date

  • By registering for the Spring Showcase, you're confirming that you are able to attend your student's tech rehearsal. Tech is mandatory.

**Please note that registration for the 2019 Showcase is now closed. The registration deadline was Wednesday, April 10


  • Week of April 8 - Costume Measuring Week

    • It is very important that dancers attend class this week to be properly measured for costumes!

      If you know you will be absent from class this week, please email ASAP!

  • Wednesday April 10- Registration Deadline

    • Deadline to register for participation in Showcase. This is a strict deadline - we are unable to accommodate registration after this date.

  • Wednesday May 1 - Tickets Onsale!

    • Purchase tickets here!

    • Online ticket sales will end Thursday, June 20

    • Tickets will be available for purchase at the door

  • Week of May 13 - Costume Try-On Week

    • During a portion of class, dancers will try on their costumes. Please be prepared to either arrive a bit early or stay a bit late. It is very important that dancers attend class this week to ensure that costumes fit!

      Please note - you will NOT be able to take costumes home with you. Costumes will be distributed at your tech rehearsal.

  • Week of June 18 - Tech Week!

    • Please check your email for your tech day!

  • Thursday June 20 - Last Day for Pre-Sale Tickets

    • Tickets will still be available at the door!

  • Showcase Day!

    • 11:00am Chase Park

      • Participants must arrive no later than 10:15am

    • 2:30pm JWCC + Red Cloud

      • Participants must arrive no later than 1:45pm


Please keep in mind that your child will be learning choreography for some portion of each class during the spring session.  During this time, attendance is especially important to ensure your child feels comfortable on stage. If your child is in a Dance with Me class (parent/caregiver participation class), please make sure the guardian who will be performing with your child is present for classes on a regular basis during the spring session.


In order to help our show run smoothly, we’ll need a group of volunteers to help out backstage. Each class will need 3 volunteers.

If you are interested in helping out, please indicate this on your child’s online registration form.

Event volunteers do not need to purchase tickets.

As always, please contact with any questions or concerns