Avondale Park Summer Session

June 27-August 20

Cost: Tuesday Classes=$60, Saturday Classes= $53

*No Class July 2-4


10:30-11:15 Pre-Dance (age 3-4)

10:00-11:00am Ballet Technique for Gymnasts (age 7-14)



3:30-4:30 Jr. Hip Hop (age 5-8)

Pre-Dance (ages 3-4)

Pre-Dance introduces students to beginning ballet skills while encouraging fun and creativity!  An excellent preparation for continuing dance training in any discipline.

Ballet Technique for Gymnasts (ages 7-14)

This class is perfect for the beginning, intermediate and advanced gymnast ages 7-14.  Curriculum will be catered to conditioning and training gymnasts in proper ballet technique and form, working to improve the overall athleticism and performance skills of each student.  This class is exclusively for members of the Avondale Gymnastics Team. 

Junior Hip Hop (ages 5-8)

Junior Hip Hop is perfect for the young, energetic dancer! Learn basic hip hop technique in a fun, encouraging environment. Dancers will practice choreography to upbeat music while improving upon rhythm, flexibility, coordination, and improvisation.