With all the aesthetic changes occurring in the world of dance including how different styles have morphed and absorbed one another, I found this photographic timeline  of ballet through the years to give a very interesting perspective on how ballet has evolved.  Lines have changed, shoes, costumes, and styles have grown so much through the years in order to arrive at the beautiful and interesting aesthetic they’ve achieved today.

As an active member of the contemporary ballet and modern dance community I've always held a special place in my heart for the art of classical ballet and where it developed from.  I always draw on my experiences with my own ballet training and try to share with my students just how beautiful the small act of pointing your toe can be.  Growing up I had the opportunity to perform in many different story ballets all of which were exciting to perform but around the holiday season I am always happy to joyfully recall my numerous performances of the nutcracker.  The connection to the music, the costumes, and the holiday spirit, have always been so special to me.  Even though the art of ballet has changed so much, the nutcracker has a spirit of timelessness that I love. All the photos in the article have had, and continue to have a beautifully significant impact on the world of dance.  I strive as a teacher to stress the importance and beauty. Behind the tradition of classical ballet while also incorporating the new adaptations of present day dance.  The pictures create a very beautiful story of the continuous life of dance.

-Shannon Brodie, Design Dance Instructor