Chicago's own Puzzle League takes 1st at WOD Vegas

by Jonathan Lazatin

On December 5th, Chicago's own Puzzle League took the stage at World of Dance in Las Vegas, NV. Their piece inspired by refugee experiences earned them first place at the competition, and we could not be more excited to see dance used in such a powerful way. Their portrayal of the immigrant experience is thoughtful and moving, depicting an emotional journey of hope, struggle and belonging.

We believe that dance should be used to promote courage, connection and self-awareness, and this piece showcases the importance of those qualities. It took courage for the team to pursue such a bold concept. To perform with conviction, the dancers needed to connect the piece to something within themselves and share that connection with the audience. Each dancer was aware of how their individual story and movements added to the whole picture. Besides being awesome to watch, this winning performance demonstrates how dance can go beyond movement and musicality to create a dialogue, invoke thought and tell story--one that is both important and extremely relevant.