Beginning Fall 2017, Design Dance will host and require all instructors to attend an orientation weekend.  If you'd like to teach programs with Design Dance, please select the weekend you're able to attend below!  

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Please note that instructors are only required to attend one weekend.

More Information About Orientation

We’ll be hiring professional consultants to facilitate these workshops for our team and each session will provide you with certifications you can use for any dance teaching position.  Sessions will include: 

  • early childhood developmental stages 

  • trauma informed approaches for teaching dance education

  • engaging activities in the dance classroom

  • curriculum and lesson planning coaching 

A few other notes: 

  • Workshops will be held over the weekend between 8-5 on Saturday and Sunday (you may not need to be there for the full time each day depending on how many grade levels you teach)

  • Each instructor only needs to attend one orientation for the entire school year 

  • Once you attend the weekend, you’re qualified to teach any Design Dance class throughout the school year 

  • Any dancer in Chicago is eligible to attend if they’d like to be a part of our teaching pool for next school year 

  • In order to maintain the quality of our programs, we will not be staffing instructors who have not attended a Design Dance training weekend. 

  • This weekend will replace any orientation meetings or workshops throughout the year.