GEMS Fall 2017 Offerings
September 5th - December 12th

Storytime Dance
Tuesdays 3:20-4:20
Ages 4-6

Story time Dance brings your favorite narratives and characters to life! This class emphasizes creativity, choreography and character building as we forge the link between physicality and narrative. Students will engage with the season of Spring through stories that teach us about changing seasons, the life-cycle of plants and animals, and seasonal traditions such as Spring cleaning! We'll integrate our exploration of Spring with fundamental dance styles including jazz, ballet, hip hop, tap and creative movement. Students will develop vital skills in reading comprehension, memorization and performance.This class concludes with a parent observation on the final week of class. 

Tuesdays 4:20 - 5:20
Ages 5 - 8

This class will be an excellent beginning level ballet class for students! This class follows a traditional ballet class format and introduces young dancers to the fundamentals of ballet while building strength, flexibility and agility. Ballet shoes are recommended.