The teachers and staff at Design Dance are professional and highly trained, but also approachable and focused on fun. 
— Megan, Design Dance Parent

Design Dance is committed to staffing a group of instructors that is as professional as they are diverse.  Each member of our teaching staff has been trained to effectively work with children at each age level and is committed to constantly improving their teaching practice and artistry.  

For our child, dance became something that has structure and discipline, but is also an outlet for exuberant expression. Our daughter won’t take classes from anyone else!
— Tracy, Design Dance Parent

Dance is important at any age!  Dance teaches discipline and spacial awareness while developing social skills, athleticism, and authentic creative expression.  By incorporating family observation days, our students always have the chance to present what they’ve learned with pride and personality.  

They are organized, efficient, and know exactly how their program is run
— Blaire, Catherine Cook School

Our community programs through parks and schools have grown expenontially each year at Design Dance.  Each of our end of session surveys from parents include glowing feedback about our organized, detail oriented, and accommodating administrative staff.  We know that great communication and the ability to have your questions answered in a timely fashion is just as important as the dance education your child gets in the classroom. 

Because classes are held at the park district and the price is reasonable, classes are accessible to all different types of students and families. To me, this is the most unique thing about the Design Dance program since many other programs cater to affluent neighborhoods and families, which excludes a subset of very deserving kids.
— Megan, Design Dance Parent

Through our unique partnership model, Design Dance is able to reach our goal of facilitating a high quality program while keeping our prices accessible.