School Programs

I truly appreciate the adorable offerings and convenient times, with energetic teachers.
— Anne, Design Dance Parent

Design Dance After School Programs give students grades K-12 in Chicago, New York and California an active, creative and engaging dance class during the school day or right after school.  Each program encourages students to express themselves in a fun and nurturing environment while they learn to work together, set goals, and build confidence.  Our school day residency programs also incorporate dance into a variety of disciplines including storytelling, cultural studies, history, and literacy. 

Most Design Dance programs are initiated by involved parents who are as excited as we are about bringing dance into their community.  If you think Design Dance would be a good fit for your child’s school, we’d love to hear from you.  Give us a call at 312-361-0864 or email us at  

You can also view an up to date list of Design Dance school partners here. 

Park Programs

Private programs are too expensive for our family and other park district dance classes have left us wanting more due to minimally qualified instructors. This was perfect! Thank you!
— Karen, Design Dance Parent

Design Dance offers high-quality technical dance training through our popular City of Chicago Arts Partnership at Chase Park and Jesse White Community Center.  These programs allows us to provide classes for over 200 students ages 2-13 at an affordable rate through a generous partnership agreement with the city.  

While classes run year-round, we conclude our school year with a spring showcase in May, allowing our students to display all they've learned throughout the year.  

To view a complete list of classes offered through our park programs, visit our class page.  

Want Design Dance at your neighborhood park?  Let us know at 312-361-0864 or