Design Dance is currently in partnership with Chase Park and Jesse White Community Center.  If you think your community would benefit from affordable, engaging dance programming, give us a call at 312-361-0864 and we'll work to make it happen. 


Students at over 40 schools across Chicago experience the benefits of dance education through Design Dance each year.  Inspire your school community through creativity and movement!  

Don't see your school below? Just email for your school's arts contact!

You can become a dance education advocate for the students at your school in less than 5 minutes by following the steps below: 

1. Search for Your School Below


Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Kathryn Moncton,

Academy for Global Citizenship Elementary School
Cynthia Garcia,

ACE Technical Charter School
Ivonne Cruz,

Adam Clayton Powell Paideia Community Academy ES
Fredrick Mckelphin,

Adlai E Stevenson Elementary School
Troy Diedrich,

Agustin Lara Elementary Academy
Ricardo Cervantes,

Albany Park Multicultural Academy
Katie Deegan,

Albert G Lane Technical High School
Dawn Kulich,

Albert R Sabin Elementary Magnet School
Anne Gallery,

Alessandro Volta Elementary School
FayeAnn Hirsh,

Alex Haley Elementary Academy
Tim Vail,

Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School
Shana Pearlmutter,

Alexander Hamilton Elementary School
Chelsea Harkelroad,

Alfred Nobel Elementary School
Crisol Gracia,

Alice L Barnard Computer Math & Science Ctr ES
Nancy Recchia,

Ambrose Plamondon Elementary School
Megan Sechowski,

Amelia Earhart Options for Knowledge ES
Robert R. Cain,

Amos Alonzo Stagg Elementary School
Toyia Pullum,

Andrew Carnegie Elementary School
Richard Filus,

Andrew Jackson Elementary Language Academy
John Perryman,

Anna R. Langford Community Academy
Nneka Thompson,

Annie Keller Elementary Gifted Magnet School
Amy Kintner,

Ariel Elementary Community Academy
Lauri Valentin,

Arnold Mireles Elementary Academy
Evelyn Randle-Robbins,

Arthur A Libby Elementary School
Chris Hill,

Arthur Dixon Elementary School
Jillian Lee,

Arthur E Canty Elementary School
Kathleen Neal,

Asa Philip Randolph Elementary School
Joanne Brown- Hicks,

Ashburn Community Elementary School
Kristin Smith,

Asian Human Services - Passages Charter School
Katie Preston,

ASPIRA Charter - Early College
Ulises Rivero,

ASPIRA Charter - Haugan Campus
Geovanna Silva,

Augustus H Burley Elementary School
Amy Manata,

Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy HS
Roxanne Deluca,

Austin Polytechnical Academy High School
Roxanne Deluca,

Avalon Park Elementary School
Deborah Knapp,


Back of the Yards IB HS
Madilyn Strentz,

Banner Academy West
Katie Demma,

Barbara Vick Early Childhood & Family Center
Soomi Chun-Dejarradji,

Belmont-Cragin Elementary School
Albert Cordero,

Benito Juarez Community Academy High School
Paulina Camacho,

Benjamin E Mays Elementary Academy
Sharon L. Mason,

Bernhard Moos Elementary School
Tiffany Frayer,

Beulah Shoesmith Elementary School
Erin Henry,

Blair Early Childhood Center
Therese Schuld,

Bowen High School
Vanessa Young,

Bret Harte Elementary School
Emily Forrest-Mattfield,

Brian Piccolo Elementary Specialty School
Janet Heinz,

Brighton Park Elementary School
Lara Spyer,

Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter Elementary School
Nina Cooper,

Bronzeville Scholastic Academy High School
Lynn Bailey,

Burnham Elementary Inclusive Academy
Amber Burks,

Burnside Elementary Scholastic Academy
Sarah Didrickson,


Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language
Elizabeth Limon,

Carl Schurz High School
Tim Anderson,

Carl von Linne Elementary School
Jessica Baker,

Carrie Jacobs Bond Elementary School
Larue Fitch,

Carroll-Rosenwald Specialty Elementary School
Kelly McCollom,

Carter G Woodson South Elementary School
Keith Jennings,

Catalyst - Maria Charter School
Andrea Mear,

Catalyst Elementary School - Circle Rock
Krystina Amanze,

Cesar E Chavez Multicultural Academic Center ES
Tara Saunders,

Charles Allen Prosser Career Academy High School
Robyn Sammit,

Charles Evans Hughes Elementary School
Yevette Killingsworth,

Charles G Hammond Elementary School
Sarah Tolmie,

Charles Gates Dawes Elementary School
Cale Piepenburg,

Charles H Wacker Elementary School
Eric Beestrum,

Charles Kozminski Elementary Community Academy
Latrice Wilson,

Charles N Holden Elementary School
Rebekah Dousias,

Charles P Caldwell Academy of Math & Science ES
James Martin,

Charles P Steinmetz College Preparatory HS
Gina Szulkowski,

Charles R Darwin Elementary School
Arturo Fuerte,

Charles R Henderson Elementary School
Candace Reeder,

Charles S Brownell Elementary School
Pamela Binion,

Charles S Deneen Elementary School
Michele Corpus,

Charles Sumner Math & Science Community Acad ES
Margaret Domian,

Charles W Earle Elementary School
Crystal Moss,

Chicago Academy Elementary School
Carolyn Williams,

Chicago Academy High School
Brian Mead,

Chicago Charter Collegiate HS
Emily Felsenthal,

Chicago Excel Academy
Eric Clarke,

Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
Phil Friberg,

Chicago High School for the Arts
Alia Walston,

Chicago Intl Charter - Avalon / South Shore
Danyelle Jones,

Chicago Intl Charter - Basil

Chicago Intl Charter - Bucktown
Lana Bjornson,

Chicago Intl Charter - Chicago Quest North
Peter Dzubay,

Chicago Intl Charter - Irving Park
Molly Nolan,

Chicago Intl Charter - Larry Hawkins
Gabriela Raudales,

Chicago Intl Charter - Lloyd Bond
Dail Kirkpatrick,

Chicago Intl Charter - Longwood
Lentoya Stennis,

Chicago Intl Charter - Loomis Primary
Stephanie Piper,

Chicago Intl Charter - Northtown
Jeanette Thompson,

Chicago Intl Charter - Prairie
Keith Palz,

Chicago Intl Charter - Ralph Ellison
Kimberly Hinton,

Chicago Intl Charter - Washington Park
Sheymora Blanks,

Chicago Intl Charter - West Belden
Anna Ausmann,

Chicago Intl Charter - Wrightwood
Ashley Gibson,

Chicago Math and Science Academy High School
Shanova Vincent,

Chicago Technology Academy High School
Nicole Dudik,

Chicago Virtual Charter High School
Kate Jones,

Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School
Dina Morelli,

Christian Ebinger Elementary School
Matthew Jones,

Christian Fenger Academy High School
Gerald Sheahan,

Christopher Columbus Elementary School
Sherilyn Snopek,

Christopher House Charter ES
Gretchen Tate,

Clara Barton Elementary School
Augusta Smith,

Collins Academy High School
Steven Hirner,

Columbia Explorers Elementary Academy
Chelsea Clementz,

Community Services West Academy
Vera Bell,

Consuella B York Alternative High School
Daniela Veljkovic,

Countee Cullen Elementary School
Darryl Parque,

Crown Community Academy of Fine Arts Center ES
Mari Rice,

Cyrus H McCormick Elementary School
Patricia Martinez,


Daniel Boone Elementary School
Robert Hines,

Daniel C Beard Elementary School
Annette Davidson-Yokozawa,

Daniel Hale Williams Prep School of Medicine
Phil Cotton,

Daniel J Corkery Elementary School
Kate Karpiak Antunez,

Daniel R Cameron Elementary School
Adam Lewis,

Daniel S Wentworth Elementary School
Krystal Grover-Webb,

Daniel Webster Elementary School
Mary Ammons,

David G Farragut Career Academy High School
Christine Taylor,

DeVry University Advantage Academy HS
Robert Hungerford,

Dewey Elementary Academy of Fine Arts
Angelica Kamysz,

DeWitt Clinton Elementary School
Ellen Oberto,

Disney II Magnet High School
Ted Ehnle,

Disney II Magnet School
Kent Barnhart,

Donald Morrill Math & Science Elementary School
Lindsey Nordmark,

Douglas Taylor Elementary School
Steven Bradley,

Dr Jorge Prieto Math and Science
Brook Dill,

Dr Martin Luther King Jr College Prep HS
Benjamin Washington,

Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Academy of Social Justice (Formerly Hinton)
Carol D. Wilson,

Dunne Technology Academy
Monique Crawley,

Durkin Park Elementary School
Laura Kelly,

Dvorak Technology Academy
Kendra Purscell,


Edgar Allan Poe Elementary Classical School
Cicely Perry,

Edgebrook Elementary School
Mary Lee Aherne,

Edison Park Elementary School
Olivia Miller,

Edmond Burke Elementary School
Shaka Rawls,

Edward A Bouchet Math & Science Academy ES
Emily Chyba,

Edward Beasley Elementary Magnet Academic Center
Hillarey Rendleman,

Edward Coles Elementary Language Academy
Susan Flood,

Edward Everett Elementary School
Jennifer Madden,

Edward Jenner Elementary Academy of the Arts
Robert Croston Jr,

Edward K Ellington Elementary School
Regina Parker-Johnson,

Edward N Hurley Elementary School
Mary Schumann,

Edward Tilden Career Community Academy HS
Janeen Hayes,

Edward White Elementary Career Academy
Melody Reichart,

Edwin G Foreman High School
Audrey Phelan,

Eli Whitney Elementary School
Rebecca Kenyon,

Eliza Chappell Elementary School
Regina Wiethop,

Elizabeth H Sutherland Elementary School
Jennifer Mastropaolo,

Ella Flagg Young Elementary School
Jamikka Nelson,

Ellen H Richards Career Academy High School
Janel Fletcher,

Ellen Mitchell Elementary School
Angela Maloney,

Emil G Hirsch Metropolitan High School
LeeAnn Thornton,

Emiliano Zapata Elementary Academy
Grace Urrutia,

Emmett Louis Till Math and Science Academy
Miles Vance,

Enrico Tonti Elementary School
Michael Magada,

EPIC Academy High School
Kazim Walji,

Eric Solorio Academy High School
Andrew Sons,

Erie Elementary Charter School
Kevin Hooper,

Ernst Prussing Elementary School
Julie Graham,


Frederick Funston Elementary School
Anna Gizzi,

Frederick Stock Elementary School
Sandra Dilla-Hammer,

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Elementary School
Catalina Bellizzi,

Friedrich W von Steuben Metropolitan Science HS
Johnnie Walker,


Gage Park High School
Velvet Gunn,

Galileo Math & Science Scholastic Academy ES
Kathleen Barnes,

Genevieve Melody Elementary School
Tracey Burton,

George Armstrong International Studies ES
Denise Pellikan,

George B McClellan Elementary School
Joseph Shoffner,

George B Swift Elementary Specialty School
Angela Maniaci,

George F Cassell Elementary School
David Tournoux,

George H Corliss High School
Jeffrey Matz,

George Leland Elementary School
Alethea Poole,

George M Pullman Elementary School
Latonia Jackson,

George Manierre Elementary School
Susan Spadoro,

George Rogers Clark Elementary School
Marsha Looney,

George W Curtis Elementary School
Whitney Huber,

George W Tilton Elementary School
Sylvia Hodge,

Hanson Park Elementary School
Kathy Rauen,

Harold Washington Elementary School
Dean Thornton,

Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School
Mary O'Malley,


Harriet E Sayre Elementary Language Academy
Bridget Taylor,

Hawthorne Elementary Scholastic Academy
Stacey Lemp,

Helen M Hefferan Elementary School
Katesa Neal,

Helen Peirce International Studies ES
Raymond Soto,

Helge A Haugan Elementary School
Patricia Mueller,

Henry Clay Elementary School
Marla Neely,

Henry D Lloyd Elementary School
Jasmine Kummer,

Henry H Nash Elementary School
Quentin Washington,

Henry O Tanner Elementary School
Dominique Laurent,

Henry R Clissold Elementary School
Katherine Kampf,

Hiram H Belding Elementary School
Heather Smith Yutzy,

Hope College Preparatory High School
Montage Pheloan,

Hope Institute Learning Academy
Kelsea Cadore,

Horace Greeley Elementary School
Erik Juhl,

Horace Mann Elementary School
Tristan Brown,

Hyde Park Academy High School
Rhonda Gholston,


Ida B Wells Preparatory Elementary Academy
Melissa Miller,

Inter-American Elementary Magnet School
Alex Mendez,

Intrinsic Charter School
Kristin Pries,

Ira F Aldridge Elementary School
Deanna Sanders,

Irene C. Hernandez Middle School for the Advancement
Lilian Bityou,

Irma C Ruiz Elementary School
Mayra Martinez,

Irvin C Mollison Elementary School
Erin Lynch,

Isabelle C O'Keeffe Elementary School
Tabitha White,


Jackie Robinson Elementary School
Kristin German,

Jacob Beidler Elementary School
Hermane Eiland,

Jacqueline B Vaughn Occupational High School
Thaddeus Maslanka,

James B Farnsworth Elementary School
Krista Carron Tufano,

James B McPherson Elementary School
Lauren Petralia,

James E McDade Elementary Classical School
Daniel Perry,

James G Blaine Elementary School
Angela Brito,

James Hedges Elementary School
Jose Luis Gutierrez,

James Madison Elementary School
Darnell Garner,

James Monroe Elementary School
Steve Wasilczuk,

James N Thorp Elementary School
Monica Plott,

James Otis Elementary School
Elizabeth Schneider,

James R Doolittle Jr Elementary School
Angelina Courtney,

James Russell Lowell Elementary School
Carmen Rivera-Kurban,

James Shields Elementary School
Michelle Flores,

James Shields Middle School
Jim Kaczmarekc,

James Wadsworth Elementary School
Caresse Mathews,

Jane A Neil Elementary School
Aaron Wilcox,

Jean Baptiste Beaubien Elementary School
Natalie Davis,

Jane Addams Elementary School
Christine Hauville,

Jensen Elementary Scholastic Academy
David Millman,

Jesse Sherwood Elementary School
Sarah Kendrick,

John C Coonley Elementary School
Melissa Metz,

John C Dore Elementary School
Steven Meyers,

John Charles Haines Elementary School
Kelly Hawkins Smith,

John D Shoop Math-Science Technical Academy ES
Tameka Whiters,

John F Eberhart Elementary School
Mary Rodriguez,

John F Kennedy High School
Renae Stone,

John Fiske Elementary School
Kiyana Grayer,

John Foster Dulles Elementary School
Brandon Byrd,

John Greenleaf Whittier Elementary School
Rosemary Lopez-Martinez,

John H Hamline Elementary School
Leah Stephens,

John H Kinzie Elementary School
Shannon O'Farrell,

John H Vanderpoel Elementary Magnet School
Amy Kintner,

John Hancock College Preparatory High School
Lisa Ehrlich-Menard,

John Harvard Elementary School of Excellence
George Colakovic,

John Hay Elementary Community Academy
Dana B. Chicoine,

John J Audubon Elementary School
Paul Gilvary,

John J Pershing Elementary Humanities Magnet
Michael Gallagher,

John L Marsh Elementary School
Aidan Albano-Bachtell,

John M Harlan Community Academy High School
Marjorie Boyles,

John Marshall Metropolitan High School
Daisy Stewart,

John Milton Gregory Elementary School
Kowa Treering,

John Palmer Elementary School
Jennifer Stoddart,

John Spry Elementary Community School
Marina Lopez,

John T McCutcheon Elementary School
Vicki Bakis,

KIPP Ascend Academy Charter Elementary School
Amaris Miranda,


KIPP Charter Bloom
Veena Pathiparampil,

KIPP Charter Create
Kate Mazurek,

KIPP Chicago Charter School - KIPP Ascend Primary
Elizabeth Lesinski,

Kwame Nkrumah Academy Elementary School
Pilar McKinney,


Lake View High School
Katheryn Sanford-Garcia,

Langston Hughes Elementary School
Katherine Courtenay,

LaSalle Elementary Language Academy
Krystina Andreoli,

LaSalle II Magnet Elementary School
Tara Tingley,

Laughlin Falconer Elementary School
John Kuszynski,

Laura S Ward Elementary School
Katherine Beeh,

Lawndale Elementary Community Academy
Amy Appleman,

Lazaro Cardenas Elementary School
Angelina Zubia-Gutierrez,

LEARN - Charter School - 7th Campus
Jessica Johnson,

LEARN - Hunter Perkins Campus
Janay Clyde,

LEARN - South Chicago Campus
Tina Walker,

Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center
Mark Coulter,

Leslie Lewis Elementary School
Tracy Otwell,

Lincoln Park High School
Elizabeth Drake,

Lionel Hampton Fine & Performing Arts ES
Nadine Smith,

Lorenz Brentano Math & Science Academy ES
Michelle Zlatanovski,

Louis A Agassiz Elementary School
Nicholas Hall,

Louis Nettelhorst Elementary School
Mark Donlin,

Louis Pasteur Elementary School
Aldo Mazzotti,

Louisa May Alcott College Preparatory ES
Ingrid Swenson,

Luther Burbank Elementary School
Lillian Maldonado,

Lyman A Budlong Elementary School
Linda Cohn,


Magic Johnson- Humboldt Park HS
Ebony Marshall,

Mahalia Jackson Elementary School
Wyatt Feley,

Mancel Talcott Elementary School
Paul D'Addario,

Manley Career Academy High School
Linda Comminos,

Manuel Perez Elementary School
Linda DeGuzman,

Marcus Moziah Garvey Elementary School
Christopher Thomas,

Maria Saucedo Elementary Scholastic Academy
Krystal Korth,

Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School
Melinda Wilson,

Mark Sheridan Elementary Math & Science Academy
Dorothy Glodo,

Mark Skinner Elementary School
Jacqueline Bovit,

Marvin Camras Elementary School
Dorota Suchocka,

Mary E Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center
Sabrina Severns,

Medgar Evers Elementary School
Najah Thompson,

Michael M Byrne Elementary School
Danielle Togtman,

Michele Clark Academic Prep Magnet High School
Adrienne Lessard,

Morton School of Excellence
Jon Hearon,

Mount Greenwood Elementary School
Lola Dunn-l'brown,

Mount Vernon Elementary School
Alana Varg,

Moving Everest Charter School
Kristin Soroko,

Myra Bradwell Communications Arts & Sciences ES
Morgan Yeates-Ocampo,


Namaste Charter Elementary School
Sara Urben,

Nancy B Jefferson Alternative High School
Mr. Tracy Johnson,

Nathan Hale Elementary School
Cathy Schwerha,

Nathan S Davis Elementary School
Michael Bruder,

National Teachers Elementary Academy
Kristie Morsher,

Neal F Simeon Career Academy High School
Karin Konz,

New Field Elementary School
Cathleen Andes,

Newton Bateman Elementary School
Katherine Chrisman,

Nicholas Senn High School
Rob Schroeder,

Nicholson Technology Academy
Andrew Mackow,

Ninos Heroes Elementary Academic Center
Maria Langhart Kline,

Noble - Baker College Prep
Sara Dehghan,

Noble - Butler College Prep
Adam LaSalle,

Noble - DRW College Prep
Martin Woods,

Noble - Gary Comer College Prep
Estee Kelly,

Norman A Bridge Elementary School
Richard Schreiber,

North Lawndale College Prep - Collins
Michelle Wielgosz,

North River Elementary School
Elizabeth Burchfield,

North-Grand High School
Belinda Lutz,

Northwest Middle School
Ross Roadruck,

Norwood Park Elementary School
Christine Hartwig,


Ogden International High School
Katrina Cabrera,

Ole A Thorp Elementary Scholastic Academy
Amy Wilson,

Oliver S Westcott Elementary School
Sherron Bibbie,

Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School
Cynthia Solomon,

Ombudsman Chicago- West
Rebecca Roppelt,

Oriole Park Elementary School
Ryne Jody Zarate,

Orville T Bright Elementary School
Sara Mackus,

Oscar DePriest Elementary School
Deena Dubose,

Oscar F Mayer Elementary School
Roxy Roth,


Pablo Casals Elementary School
Jenny Kaulen,

Park Manor Elementary School
Jennifer Hall,

Parkside Elementary Community Academy
Jalayne Brewton,

Patrick Henry Elementary School
Cathleen Cramer,

Paul Cuffe Math-Science Technology Academy ES
Curtis Johnson,

Peace & Education Coalition High School
Rubina Mander,

Perspectives - Leadership Academy
Antoinette Self,

Perspectives - Rodney D. Joslin
Paul Gilbert,

Peter Cooper Elementary Dual Language Academy
Phillip Olazaba,

Phillip D Armour Elementary School
Cathleen Meza,

Polaris Charter Academy
Georgette Verdin,

Portage Park Elementary School
Carrie Troy,

Prologue - Early College
January Yolich,

Pulaski International School of Chicago
Drumaine Green,


Rachel Carson Elementary School
Jessica Lundstrom,

Ralph H Metcalfe Elementary Community Academy
Martrice Edge,

Ravenswood Elementary School
Jeremy Guidry,

Ray Graham Training Center High School
Katherine Kurisch,

Richard J Daley Elementary Academy
Bricia Puentes,

Richard J Oglesby Elementary School
Maggie Hoover,

Roald Amundsen High School
James Zebrowski,

Robert Nathaniel Dett Elementary School
Quentin Frison,

Roberto Clemente Community Academy High School
Ana Sotomayor,

Rodolfo Lozano Bilingual & International Ctr ES
Martha Barron,

Rosario Castellanos Elementary School
Daniel Finley,

Rueben Salazar Elementary Bilingual Center
Eamonn Prizy,

Rufus M Hitch Elementary School
Amy Cholod,


Salmon P Chase Elementary School
Ian Stillmunks,

Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy
Jonathan Schaefer,

Scott Joplin Elementary School
Miriam Dolnick,

Sharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary School
Katherine (Keli) Campbell,

Skinner North
Ethan James Netterstrom,

South Loop Elementary School
Natasha Anders,

Southside Occupational Academy High School
Katie Radomski,

STEM Magnet Academy
Jessica Londay,

Stephen F Gale Elementary Community Academy
Maria Affinita,

Stone Elementary Scholastic Academy
Bill Marsland,

Suder Montessori Magnet ES
Kelly Bolt,


Talman Elementary School
Maricela Sanchez,

Telpochcalli Elementary School
Lucila Saldana,

Theodore Roosevelt High School
Christine Dowling,

Thomas A Hendricks Elementary Community Academy
Anne Reiman,

Thomas Hoyne Elementary School
Andre Porter,

Thurgood Marshall Middle School
Mia Bogusz,

Turner-Drew Elementary Language Academy
JoAnn Graham,


University of Chicago - Carter G. Woodson
Tinishia Legaux,

University of Chicago - Woodlawn
Michael Jones,

UNO Charter - Bartolome de Las Casas
Vasiliki Fosses,

UNO Charter School - Carlos Fuentes
Melissa Myslinski,

UNO Charter School - Major Hector P. Garcia MD
Kristal Pacheco,

Uplift Community High School
Catina Robinson,


Velma F Thomas Early Childhood Center
Tyler Flynn-Rambo,

VOISE Academy High School
Roxanne DeLuca,


Walter Payton College Preparatory High School
Kerry Catlin,

Walter S Christopher Elementary School
Selena Rodriguez,

West Park Elementary Academy
Laura Povsner,

Whitney M Young Magnet High School
Nancy Klark,

William W Carter Elementary School
Kelsea McCarthy,

Wilma Rudolph Elementary Learning Center
Anna Waldron,


YCCS-ASPIRA,Antonia Pantoja Alternative HS
Mark Bennett,

YCCS-Sullivan House Alternative HS
Rose Harding,

Young Women's Leadership Charter School
Csilla Kosa,

3. Edit the text to include your school, your name, and your child's name, and cc'

4. Hit send!

5. Share the link with your friends and community members to spread the word about bringing healthy, creative programs to our kids this year!