Classroom Policies & Procedures

Classrooms are our very favorite space. It’s where we build courage, connection, and self-awareness through the life-changing art of dance. See below for some general policies, procedures, and best practices!

Caregivers/Families In Class

  • While family support is of course imperative for a student’s development and education, Design Dance caregivers are not permitted inside the dance classroom during instructional time, except on Family Observation Days (more information below).

  • Design Dance has this policy for a few reasons:

    • Focus: Dancers love the attention of grown-ups! They want to please their loved ones who might be watching, and they end up more focused on their caregivers than on the teacher. Additionally, Design Dance grown-ups often get excited about dance class, and that excitement can lead to extra talking and noise during the program. That noise is a distraction and a detriment to the quality and progression of class.

    • Safety: A dancer seeking the attention of a caregiver may inadvertently place themselves or their caregiver in harm’s way by accidentally getting kicked, hit, knocked over as another classmate is engaging in the lesson. We want to prevent as many injuries as possible.

    • Safety: Additional bodies in the room creates crowding, which can be an emergency hazard in many of our spaces. In the event of an emergency, Design Dance needs to be able to get students out of rooms in a calm and safe manner. This also includes blocking hallways or doorways.

    • Program Goals: It is important that students have time apart from their family in class, in school, etc. It is part of our mission to instill personal confidence and autonomy in our students.

  • We understand that families want to help - and we love that - so we’ve created Family Observation Days at the end of program sessions to serve as an opportunity for adults and caregivers to engage in the class.

  • This policy does not apply to Dance With Me classes, which are intended for students and their caregivers to participate together.

  • Should there be extenuating circumstances that may require another adult in the classroom, please reach out to us at at least 48 hours in advance of a particular class session. We’re always happy to craft solutions to serve your needs.

Family Observation Day

  • Family Observation Day is typically held on the last day of the session, and is a chance for families, caregivers, friends, etc to come see what we’ve been working on in dance class!

  • What to expect?

    • A short presentation of classroom work. This may include a warm-up, games, or a prepared piece of choreography, and maybe even a chance to dance with the group!

  • Additional Family Observation FAQs:

    • Extra folks in the room are often a distraction to the dancers, so dancers may not be as fully engaged as they regularly are in class. Some may have have extra energy and less effective “listening ears,” and others may be more shy than normal. This is not always an indicator of how they act or respond during the regular class. This is totally okay! Your teacher knows what to expect and will make adjustments as necessary.

    • You are welcome to take pictures or videos! We just ask that mobile phones or devices are silent and only answered outside of the classroom or performance space.

    • Siblings are welcome on Family Observation Days! If you’re planning on bringing a toy or device to entertain a sibling, we ask to please choose an activity that will not create a distraction during the presentation.

    • Please remember to be respectful of the other families and the teacher who is trying to lead the class.