Northside Catholic Academy

Spring Offerings 2017

April 20-June 1

Thursdays 3:15-4:15



Dance to the Beat (Ages 6-9)

Dance to the Beat is a fun introduction to the basics of jazz technique and musical theater! Learn about the history of jazz music and performance while improving musicality, exploring counting, rhythm, tempo and improvisation.  This class is a continuation of the previous Dance to the Beat! New students are encouraged and previous students will continue building on the skills they learned last session!


Storytime Ballet: Dancing Through the Ages (Ages 3-6)

Storytime Ballet brings your favorite literary characters to life! Students will dance their way through popular children’s stories, using creativity, choreography, and character building skills. This class will also include a trip through ballet and story history as students learn about dancers from the past and incorporate the changing variations in the style in their lessons! Students learn fundamental ballet basics while developing vital skills in comprehension, memorization, and performance. This class concludes with a parent observation on the final week of class.


Hip Hop (Ages 5-8)

Students learn basic hip hop choreography to upbeat music in a fun, encouraging environment!  Dancers will improve upon dance technique, as well as explore the history of hip hop and learn about rhythm and music. The students will be  encouraged to create their own dance moves by participating in improvisational games. All hip hop students should wear clean gym shoes and comfortable clothes that they can move in. This class concludes with a parent observation on the final week of class.