Inspire Girls Academy + Design Dance 

At Jesse White Community Center

$350 per week!

Ages: 5-8

Feel the Energy!: July 23rd - 27th; 9:00am - 3:00pm

The girls will learn to harness POWER while exploring electricity through experiments and dance! Each day they will conduct experiments and engage with hydropower,  simple circuits, solar power, kinetic energy and wind power. They will then translate this learning into dance by jumping, turning, and reaching across the room! While exploring CURRENT trends in energy that ILLUMINATE their IMAGINATION.

Bio-Diversity and Me: Land to the Sea: August 6th - 10th; 9:00-3:00pm

Our young scientists will explore how habitats in the sea, freshwater, and on land differ dramatically in species composition and diversity. The girls will dive into a separate biome each day discovering how ecosystems include air, water, soil, animals and plants in the zone. They will even embody the biome though dancing around the space. At the end of the week the layers of learning will come together into creating a fully functioning ecosystem.