They are organized, efficient, and know exactly how their program is run.
— Blaire, Catherine Cook School

Design Dance facilitates over 85 classes per week at over 25 schools and community centers.  In our 7 years working in community dance programming we have had a 90% retention rate in each of our partner relationships.  All of our polled administrators have attributed this largely to the positive experience they have had working with the organized, detail oriented, and accommodating administrative support and program management at Design Dance. 

The instructors of Design Dance have been an absolute pleasure to have in our program. They embrace the individuality of each student and understand that every child learns a new skill in their own way. Because of this, we have seen a rise of confidence in many of our students in our program.
— Alison, Ravenswood Elementary

Design Dance programs successfully address social emotional learning standards during every class period including developing self-awareness and self-management, social awareness and interpersonal skills, and utilizing responsible decision making skills.  

Our teachers appreciated how well the residency served their needs, how collaborative the partnership was and how well prepared the teaching artist was each week.
— Cathleen, New Field School

Many Design Dance residencies incorporate active learning goals in literacy.  Students learn to think critically about their reading and writing and deepen their understanding of fundamental literacy concepts through movement. 

The program that you offered for my daughter in the summer beautifully addressed what I would consider a 360 degree approach to learning about dance.
— Laura, Design Dance Parent

Design Dance residencies are designed to teach students to set goals, create a plan,  execute a production, and critically reflect.  Students are given the tools to apply goal setting to their passions outside the classroom and are left with the feeling of tangible accomplishment.  

They’re always striving to have the most impact, and to be one of the highest quality programs in the city.
— Annie, Communities in Schools of Chicago

Design Dance residencies teach students to think intuitively.  Through the development of partnership curriculum in writing, history, physics and technology, we’re giving students the tools to engage in meaningful, analytical conversations about the world around them.

I knew right away that Design Dance put the student first, no matter what.
— Sarah, Design Dance Mentor

Design Dance employs an active community of dance teaching artists through mentorship and internship programs.  By implementing a training program that encourages tiered development, Design Dance has built a staff of 30+ teaching artists who are committed to lifelong learning and the development of the next generation of dance teaching artists.