I recently saw the film PINA, directed by Wilm Wenders. It was beautiful, and I really mean it! I had been looking forward to seeing the film after viewing the trailer  many times, only to find it was being released in Europe and not yet in the us. A friend informed me that is was miraculously playing downtown at river east 21, so I bought a ticket last tuesday and went by myself. I enjoy doing things by myself. I especially love having chicago dates where I enjoy the city on my days off. To be able to go downtown and watch a dance film- perfect. 

My favorite thing about this film was that it wasn’t just a collection of dance clips, it was a story. It was a story about creating dance and breathing movement. It was a true tribute to pina bausch, a german choreographer. It made me wish I had the privilege of knowing pina and working with someone like her. It also made me appreciate that I do know amazing thinkers, and dreamers, and dance makers. People that create something out of nothing. It is no small task to break all ideas and traditions and bring to life what is growing and developing inside your mind. 

It was inspirational to me as a mover and an artist. It gives me such hope to find what my voice is as an artist and foster it’s growth. I felt very encouraged just through watching the way the dancers talked about pina- the respect, the admiration, the love, and trust. 

As an audience member, I was enthralled by the movement and visual aspect of each piece. It was really beautiful, but not in a pretty, ballerina, traditional sense. It was beautiful in a human kind of way. Just seeing humanity in each piece was the beautiful part, seeing bodies, and emotions, and thoughts transcending the screen was powerful. It just gives me so much hope as a dancer. Hope for more- what is beyond what we are doing. Hope for breaking even my own cycles and thoughts and maturing to an artist that can be so honest. 

I think everyone, regardless of being a dancer or dance-lover, should watch this film. It’s about humanity, and beauty, and voice, and power.  Everyone has something to take away from this.