In every one of my classes I see at least one child sitting in a W.  In case you aren’t sure what I'm referring to, the child sits on his or her knees with their legs splayed out to the side-which looks like a W.  I am often telling my students to not sit like this and to instead sit on their bottom with their legs cross-legged or out in front of them.  Seeing them sit like this makes me cringe and makes my own knees hurt.  

Why is this position so bad?  

While it is easy for children to move in and out of this position during play; it can do damage to their hips and knees and also hinder critical brain/body development.  Possible scenarios include walking pigeon toed, affect balance and coordination, and weak trunk muscles which lead to instability.  The links below can offer much more information to learn more about the problems with w sitting and how you can break the habit.  The next time you see your child sitting like this-help your student’s teacher and have them sit a different way.

A pediatric physical therapist explores w-sitting
What’s wrong with w sitting in children?
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-Sarah Frye, design dance instructor